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Student Housing & Accommodation

The following residences are on South Campus:

The buildings on this campus are surrounded by indigenous plants and beautiful gardens that make one feel one is in the heart of nature. It is not unusual for students on their way to early lectures to come across small buck in the undergrowth. At night when everything quietens down, the roar of the Indian Ocean can be heard in the distance.


The hostel complexes are divided into 'flats' which house 17 students in each flat. Each student is therefore a member of a much smaller group and living together in a flat means that in time, flat mates form strong bonds resulting in flat traditions of their own.

There is a 24 hour security for the safety of students and their belongings. Close circuit cameras are situated in strategic places within the residences and there is also access control at the entrance doors. There is a Security Officer who is a trained paramedic who lives on the campus in case of emergencies.

A Laundry is available in each building, which is free of charge and includes automatic washing machines and tumble driers;

Each flat has a telephone where incoming calls can be received. If a student wishes to make calls, payphones are available;

Each residence has a large lounge where students can enjoy watching television (Channels available are: SABC 1,2,3 M-Net, Movie Magic, Super Sport and E.TV)

Meals can be enjoyed together in one enormous dining hall. This is usually a meeting place, a kind of social centre for congenial fellowshop and conversation.

There are two tuckshops run by students which sell basic necessities;

There are rules and regulations which govern the Residences - a copy of which would be made available to all new students moving into the residences.

Unitas Residence

Typical Unitas Room


Contact information
Mrs Wendy Reeves
Residence Manager - Melodi
Tel: +27415042402

Mr Sammy Elie
Residence Manager, Unitas
Tel: 27 41 504 2405

Mrs Nomhle Zako
Residence Manager - Veritas
Tel: 041 504 2485

Mr Silvesta Tswane
Residence Manager, Xanadu
Tel: 27 41 504 4547