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Student Housing & Accommodation

How to apply for accommodation:

The process when applying for on-campus residence:

  • Receipt of your application will be acknowledged but this does not guarantee a place in residence - (AR status);
  • A selection process has to take place and only applicants who have been admitted into a university programme will be considered - (HN status);
  • Students from the NMB Metro will be considered later if space is still available - (N status);
  • Students not admitted by the university will automatically not be considered for residences -  (NN status);
  • After selection, students will be provisionally admitted into a university residence provided space is available. Priority will be given to students who have obtained good academic results e.g. highest APS - (Y status);
  • Final acceptance into residence, for first years will depend on your final examination results - (HH status);
  • Students not admitted into the on-campus residence will be referred to our off-campus residences - (HO status);

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