All outstanding academic and residential debt must be settled before the down-payments can be paid.

The residence down-payment of R4800 is expected of every prospective resident student before residence registration.  Post-dated cheques in respect of down-payments are not acceptable. 

The residence down-payment is the first advance payment towards residence fees.

Residence registration is subject to the academic enrolment of a student. 

The residence fee is raised on the account when the student registers for occupancy of the room. 

Rooms will only be reserved for students who have no outstanding debt and who have already paid the tuition and residence down-payments by the required dates.  Applications for residence accommodation by far exceed the number of available rooms, therefore it is very important to make the required payments in good time.

Instead of a down-payment, International students are expected to pay 50% of their annual residence fees prior to registration and the balance thereof is due before the start of the second semester.  

Down-payments All residences  R         4,800.00 January Before registration
Breakage deposits Student Village 1-6  R           950.00 Once off Debited to account
  Student Village 7  R           450.00 Once off Debited to account
  Indwe, Ikomia, Protea  R           600.00 Once off Debited to account
  All other residences  R           450.00 Once off Debited to account
  Off-campus  Differentiated  Once off Debited to account
Registration Fees All residences  R           500.00 Annually Debited to account