It is advised that room changes, new occupancies and cancellations only be done at the end of a month as residence fees are determined per month.

For residence cancellations during the course of a month, students will be liable for the remainder of that month’s residence fees of the vacated room. 

For room changes done during the course of a month, students will be liable for the full cost of that month’s residence fees of the vacated room as well as the full month’s fees for the new room.

The student must cancel his/her housing in writing addressed to Residence Admission and Placement office (RAPO) or via e-mail to with the following information: name, student number, current housing assignment, and reason for cancellation;

Cancellation will be processed only after a student has officially withdrawn from the residence, removed his/her personal belongings from the room and returned the room keys to the Residence Manager;

Cancellations are subject to a one calendar month notice period. In the event of a student failing to notify the Residence Manager of their withdrawal, the student will remain liable for residence fees until such time that the Residence Manager is informed of the vacancy of the room as well as and including the one calendar month notice period.  This will not apply in the case of student death or on the recommendation of a medical practitioner with accompanying evidence;

For new occupancy during the course of the month, the student will be liable for the full cost of that month’s rental;

Vacating Rooms

All students are advised to complete and sign the Check-In forms before room occupation as you will take full responsibility for the state and condition of the room you are about to occupy for the semester. There is a different form for each residence and the forms can be requested from the residence managers

Proper check-out procedure is to be followed when a room is vacated at the end of the semester. Failing to follow proper procedure waives individuals’ rights to appeal any/all damage charges;

When a student vacates a room, all original furniture must be in the room and the room should be free of litter and all personal items;

Residents will be billed if furniture needs to be assembled and/or replaced, if extra cleaning is necessary, or if personal items have to be removed by the University;