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Student Housing & Accommodation

Residence Down Payments, Deposits & Registration Fees

All outstanding academic and residential debt must be settled before the down-payments can be paid. The residence down-payment fee is expected of every prospective resident student before residence registration. Post-dated cheques in respect of down-payments are not acceptable.

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Down Payment Exemptions

Sponsored students, NFSAS successful candidates and Nelson Mandela University bursary students can be exempted from paying the residence down-payment, provided that any outstanding debt is fully settled before registration and bursary or loan covers accommodation fees.

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Residence Registration Fees

Students staying in any of the Nelson Mandela University residences are liable for a residence registration fee. The fee is debited to the student’s account and is payable every year.

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Fees per Residence

Upon registration, residence fees are raised per semester for the full academic period. Residence fees cover only the academic semesters and exclude the winter and summer recess periods.

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Residence Cancellations, New Occupancies & Room Changes

It is advised that room changes, new occupancies and cancellations only be done at the end of a month as residence fees are determined per month.

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