This means that the University endeavours to:

  • encourage the idea of self-development;
  • create a sense of belonging at the University;
  • develop emotional and physically healthy students;
  • improve leadership skills;
  • prepare students for better employment opportunities;
  • contribute to the academic success of our learners;
  • make better citizens of our students in our care;

How can this be achieved?

Creating pockets of student communities within the residences whose motives will contribute to their learning experience and will contribute to critical life skills required for successful employability;

Communities could include: Academic programmes, hobbies or personal interests;

Students would be expected to partake in experiential acitivities and development programmes to grow their interests and knowledge i.e. compiling evidence of what has been achieved i.e. small projects, debates, reports and portfoilios;

Accreditation is envisaged and a certification ceremony in the 4th term;


The benefits to the students and to the University are:

  • To broaden leadership skills;
  • To appreciate and be sensitive to our cultural diversity;
  • To encourage volunteer work;
  • To improve interpersonal communication;
  • To prepare for future careers;
  • To understand self and respect others;
  • To build a sense of citizenship