Computer Labs

Residence Laboratory Demonstrators supervise and assist students in the residence computer Laboratory. Currently this facility is available in South Campus residences only; however, the general computer lab is within close proximity of the residences on North Campus.

Study Centres

In order to enable learning, Student Housing Management has developed well-equipped study centres and learning philosophies to support our students in their endeavours. Study centres and computer labs exist in the residences and at other key points in the university. Furthermore, mentors and other academic staff are available to provide group and one-on-one advice and support to residents.

Laundry and Wi-Fi Facilities

  • Most residences have laundry facilities available on their premises free of charge with washing machines and tumble dryers;
  • Students are responsible for their own washing;
  • Students must provide their own washing machine washing powder and fabric softener; and
  • Most of the rooms have Wi-Fi access or internet points.

Nature Reserve

The university is built on a Nature Reserve and as a result, you are not only surrounded by beautiful indigenous gardens but by small buck, monkeys, snakes and cats. On our George Campus you are likely to encounter baboons, please do not feed them. Furthermore, at night on our PE campuses, when everything quietens down, you can hear the distant roar of the Indian Ocean.

Nature Reserve


A fantastic perk of living in the residence is that there are two beautiful recreational areas nestled among the trees and shrubs provided for your benefit. Clubhouses, swimming pools and braai areas are popular among students, so do remember your swimming gear!

A well-equipped gym is available, upon paying a membership fee, on South Campus. The official sport facilities for tennis, cricket, rugby, soccer, swimming, athletics and netball are within walking distance from the residences. Vibrant and competitive residence sporting leagues exist. Residences also have pianos, DSTV and “chill areas” for your convenience.

Cleaning Services

  • Students are responsible for the general neatness of their own rooms;
  • Communal areas e.g. passages, bathrooms, toilets, foyers, corridors, staircases, study areas, computer labs and lounges are cleaned on a daily basis (Mon – Fri) by the cleaning contractor;
  • Skeleton staff are provided over weekends and public holidays to remove dustbins and clean the bathrooms and toilets only;
  • It is expected of students to leave their rooms in a neat and respectable state before they leave for recess; and
  • During the recess periods all rooms are spring cleaned

Catering Services

The University has various outlets located across the 5 campuses, these outlets range from residence dining facilities to coffee shops and function and event catering services. Each Catering unit is committed to, providing the highest level of food quality and service to all customers. The aim of the University Catering Services Department is to facilitate a dining environment specialized to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations. Please keep in mind that the menu items and services included in this website are a sampling of what each outlet is able to provide for you. The Catering office will gladly assist you should you have any queries, suggestions or requirements. Should you have any further queries please email

Catering Services

24/7 Security Services and CCTV’s

There is a 24-hour security service to ensure the safety of students and their belongings. Close circuit cameras are situated in strategic places within all residences. Nelson Mandela University's security and residence managers can be contacted at any time in case of emergencies. In as much as security is provided, we advise students to take control of their own personal safety and not to put themselves in dangerous situations.

Campus Health Services

This is a service rendered to all registered Nelson Mandela University's students, including residence students. Operating hours are from Monday to Friday: 07:30 – 16:00. There is a 24/7 ambulance on standby for all medical related emergencies after hours. The residence manager is the first person to be contacted who will make the necessary arrangements for the student to be transported to the nearest hospital. The residence manager will also make the necessary arrangements with Hurters transport to bring the student back from hospital, free of charge.

Campus Health Services

Maintenance Management

Our goal is to supply each student with a safe, comfortable, well-maintained home away from home environment where each student can reach his/her academic goals. The university Technical Services division is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the day-to-day maintenance of our residences is a priority, as well as for capital projects.

Maintenance related faults that a student might experience regarding his/her residence room, must be reported during office hours to the relevant House Committee who will report it to the Residence Manager, who then contact the GMP or an artisan from Technical Services for prompt reaction and repair.

The residence management team must periodically inspect the residences and students’ rooms to ensure that the maintenance work is up to standard as well as to ascertain where maintenance is needed.