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Student Housing & Accommodation

There are six main residences on this campus. Namely Outeniqua, Kalander, Oukraal, Umdoni, Kamassi  and Phoenix.  First year female residences are Outeniqua, kalander, and Oukraal, and male first years are accommodated in Umdoni, Kamassi and Phoenix. The campus can only accommodate 367 students in all.

Our senior student residences are fully furnished with lounge suites, dining tables and all the houses have self -catering facilities. The clinic is one of the services available for the students and the staff members. We have a full time ambulance shuttle and the paramedic for emergency cases. We have our special doctor that is available once a week at  a very low cost that caters for our students when the need arises. Many sporting and recreational facilities exist on the campus including a gym, swimming pool, snooker tables etc.  There are guest houses, walking and the cycling trails.

There are two residence managers who are supported by the senior manager for student affairs and together they work hand in hand with the RSA ‘S, House Committees and Mentors who offer support to first years to achieve growth in the hope that they will reach their potentials.

We have the post graduate village which caters for Masters and PhD students. These houses are fully equipped and the fees are for 11 months as the post grads stay longer for their academic work. All the residences are fully secured with card excess facilities and in the junior residences there are security measures that are in place and all the residences have CCTV cameras that are functional.

Our Campus is situated 20km away from town. It is a green campus that has animals like buck and other animals.

The Senior Residences are managed by Mr Setebe, Junior Residences ar managed by Ms. Mvango and Mr. Ramoshaba is the senior manager for student affairs.


Contact information
Miss Khululwa Mvango
Residence Manager
Tel: 044 801 5192

Mr Sefoko Ramoshaba
Senior Manager: Student Affairs
Tel: 044 801 5029